Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ode to a Cauldron of Apples:

Awaken,I did, to the smells of cookies a baked,
and urges of filling my mouth wide-agape,
with baked goods from yore
and regrets of my forlorn workout the night before,
I bought you apples pink lady, and tiny galas galore.
But no, in your cauldron you sit,
reminding me of the diet I quit,
and the terrible things I've been doomed,
in the past 3 months I have consumed,
enough calories in me,
to feed a family of three,
and this morning alone I ate plenty of dough,
a veritable slough,
of baked dough in bar form,
that now sitting here... my norm.
All I want is to drink
this terrible orange-ade and think,
to bring myself back from the brink,
and fix what's been making my heart ache.

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