Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ode to Homemade Yogurt

Its been a while Homemade Yogurt...
I've sorta been seeing someone else.
Well..... more like someone-s plural.
Relax, calm down... I know.... I, know.
Mainly it was just one other yogurt.
I just needed to make sure you were really the one.
Look, I love you, but you're not like the other yogurts, with their stabilizers and their fancy additives.
It's hard out there for a single guy with all of the other yogurts.
They're all so easy, just throw money at them and they go home with you.
All the exotic choices.
You're simple, and I can spice things up however I want with you.
Sure, the relationship takes a lot more work than with the other yogurts.
But I feel so much better about you in the end.

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